Use These Three (3) Simple Tricks And Stop Sending Fatal Email Messages At Once

Actually, these three tricks replace one trick from the old days of voice recorders, mini-tapes, and typists: I create some artificial distance between what I have planned to write and what I finally send out.

And if this works for me, it may also work for you.

Here is where I am coming from.

This Was Writing Letters In The Last Century …

This is where I am coming from: in the old days of the last century, we have dictated our messages into voice recorders that came with small tapes that had holders that could be clipped on paper files (click here). The recorder systems were and still are expensive (click here), but could be repaired an unlimited number of times. Each case had a paper file and the paper files with the corresponding tapes were sent to a typists, usually a lady, in a typist room. After a few hours or on the next day, the paper file came back, with a letter inside that had the words that you have dictated on that little tape when you sent it there. You just needed to sign that letter and out it went. Or you made some corrections that went back to the typist room, and then you received your revised letter that could be signed for sending it out.

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