Diagnosed With Covid-19. Do These Five (5) Steps And Avoid ICU And Ventilation

What really astonishes me when it comes to Covid-19 is that most people have an opinion about that disease. But they do not know what to do when they are confronted with a positive Covid-19 test result. And that includes medical doctors.

The old saying also applies to Covid-19: “You cannot beat something with nothing”.

My Own Testimonial

I developed Covid-19 in early 2020, in Germany. I caught it from someone who spent skiing holidays in Northern Italy, in a known Covid-19 hotspot.

Immediately after having the first symptoms of flu, I started my five therapy steps. I had fully recovered within three days. What I remember is that I have sweated my mattress through for two consecutive nights. My bed was wet in the morning from my sweat.

And maybe I am too Bavarian: I find that the best after a conquered flu is having a good breakfast after a sweaty night and a hot shower in the morning.

If that helps me then it may also help you.

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