FREE WordPress Website Upgrade: Yes, You Need To Have A Personal Favicon!

If you do not know what a favicon is then you are clearly not up-to-date with website technology. Read in the following what a favicon is and why you need to have it.

This is where I am coming from: my firm has set up a niche business arm that deals with providing support to clients who want to license their know-how and intellectual property out (click here).

And on our company website (click here) you can find our latest venture, the “Jenny Xu ® ” Eyebrow Embroidery services. Don’t laugh about that business, you will be surprised to hear that you pay easily S$1,200 for an eyebrow embroidery procedure that takes only 30 minutes time.

Part of our services was to set up a simple website so that we can demonstrate that this is a serious business.

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