New Businesses Done The Right And The Wrong Way, In One Single Movie: “An American Pickle”

International traveling started again after the Corona holidays, and with that came journeys from Singapore to Germany and back for me.

So did I in March 2022, and I only realized then that I never watch a movie in my spare time. A ticket to the movies is not really of value to me because I always fall asleep. I hate it to watch a movie when I cannot easily walk out because I do not like it, and this is how I usually end up in a cinema: asleep in my seat and with a stiff neck after waking up again.

But watching a movie in an airplane during an international flight is different. I have 12 hours to kill, enough time for a night of sleep, AND for watching one or two movies. And the movies are never bad. Todays aircraft entertainment systems have hundreds of different movies available, many of them brand new, and there are always one or two movies that I find interesting.

Now you know where I am coming from: on my latest international flight, I got interested in the movie “An American Pickle”, a comedy.

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