Nine (9) Steps To Fall Asleep Like A Boss

Here comes my personal testimonial.

I am into “falling asleep” for a very long time because I am a frequent traveler and that makes it sometimes difficult to fall asleep after I come back from a different time zone. I have tried many medications, methods and ‘hacks’.

One main problem is my sleeping environment. So, I tried various methods and came up with 9 steps that help me to sleep better.

I want to share this with you because I know how frustrating it is to have a bad sleep cycle.

Here is what I call my “9 Steps To Fall Asleep Like A Boss!” method.


Step 1: Don’t overeat just before bedtime

A TCM practitioner taught me that when we eat late at night, the organs that digest and metabolize our meal must continue to work, even when they should be asleep. I never knew that organs sleep but the result speaks for itself: eating late makes it difficult to fall asleep and prevents me from receiving the deep, restorative sleep that is needed to feel refreshed the next day.

Consuming late-night snacks and meals also throws our body out of sync and is related to poor health. Late-night eating studies reveal that this results in increased blood pressure, increased blood sugar, changes in metabolism and increased weight gain.

I realized that exactly this was happening to me: I tend to eat late when I’m stressed, so all those extra dinner plates messed up my sleep cycle. This was the first thing I changed towards my journey towards achieving a better sleep.

Watching what I eat also helps me stay more alert and energetic in the day. But that is another issue for another article to come.


Step 2: Drink a pint of bitter (!) beer

Oh, I remember when I found out that beer could help me sleep better: when I consume any amount of alcohol, the time it takes to fall asleep shortens. But with beer, it works even better.

I read more about it and I learned that it is the hops that had those effects in a natural and “sedative” way. The more hops in your beer the bitterer it is.

That is easy to try out. Just buy a European Pils or Pilsener or Indian Pale Ale and you find out what bitter is. Fruity or sweet beer has not that many hops, and also not wine or liquor. Those drinks ‘create’ sleep in an unnatural way, and the quality of sleep will be compromised. That’s not what you want.

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