ChatGPT Gets A “B” In The Online Exam For My Innovation Strategy Course. What Would Be Your Own Result?

You have surely heard of ChatGPT.

If you have not yet done so, please sign up at ChatGPT today. Access may become restricted, soon.

As you may know, I am teaching Innovation, Intellectual Property, Patent Law, Trademark Law, etc. at the university level. I do this for a very long time since the 90ies of the last century.
ChatGPT is a powerful solution for answering factual questions and navigating through large amounts of knowledge.

So what comes closer than asking ChatGPT questions about my Innovation Strategy course? Let’s see if ChatGPT can pass the final exam of my course.

The result is that the ChatGPT robot has clearly made the “B” mark in my Innovation Strategy exam above, better than 99% of my human students.

Ask yourself: would you have been able to pass my exam?

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