Pain Of The Elderly? Try Out This Simple Solution

I usually do not advertise for specific brands but I have here something that deserves your attention, especially if you are older than 45 years old. This product is a helper for all sorts of body pains that come and go.

It is the Urah cream, made in Singapore and nowhere else available. It contains high amounts of Glucosamine.

I have recently (in the year 2023) turned 58 years old and what I can say is that the Urah cream helped me to prepare for the Asian championships in Powerlifting 2022 that took place two months ago, in Dubai. As a result of the continuous and consistent preparation, I won the Gold medal by squatting 210kg, and the Silver medal in the entire competition. I am an Asian champion in Powerlifting since 2018. And I hold four national records in my home country Singapore. And before Covid-19, I was world rank list no. 4.

I have many more examples for the Urah cream being effective because I am recommending it to all the people around me. My father suffered from long-term knee pain, because of arthritis. By using the Urah cream, he could delay a knee replacement by as many as 5 years.

I found that Glucosamine is not effective when I take them orally in the form of pills. But the Urah technology is able to deliver Glucosamine effectively through the many layers of the skin without any side effects. In very short words, the glucosamine particles are wrapped with an oily micell, and that makes them permeable for the skin to a degree that the glucosamine even ends up in the blood vessels. The body uses that glucosamine to rebuild tissue where it was earlier damaged, for example, because of inflammation. That is how the body pain vanishes after applying Urah cream.

Actually, I do not care how it works. If it works for me – and it does – I am very happy.

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