Public Talk: UPC Opt-Out Or Not?

Great honor for me to be invited to talk in front of an audience from Texas/USA.

In this talk, I go into deeper detail about the very few cases when an “Opt-Out” of a European Patent from the jurisdiction of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) is recommended and it is better to be under the jurisdiction of a national court.

And don’t create Unitary Patents (UPs) from European Patent Applications that can obtain Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC): there is (still) no SPC for UPs, but only for national patents.

And I talk about non-US material law as far as it is relevant for the scope of protection, and converting a US drafting style patent into a non-US drafting style patent. In very short words: A litigation-grade UP/UPC EP patent is somewhat like the opposite of a litigation-grade US patent. I speak from experience.

The talk comes with a set of slides that you can re-use for your own purpose.

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