Experts, Leaders, Arrogant People, And Wannabes

What struck me most during the 1st World Robot Patent Drafting Symposium back in September 2022 was the following statement of one of the speakers:

“This is what many patent attorneys think: their favourite work is their own, and other attorneys only produce garbage.”

That statement was made in the context of qualifying patent attorneys for using a patent drafting robot (the point was that you have to let go of that attitude if you want to use a patent drafting robot).

But my experience with a patent attorney colleague today reminded me of the event last year: I found myself in a talk where my talking partner never let me finish my sentences, and jumped from one assumption to another one. My talking partner ended up in what were obviously wrong conclusions.

This was a truly strange situation.

In short words, here is my message:

  • You cannot simply walk away from arrogant people when they step on your toes.
  • A better way is to find out about their true qualities, and – most important – whether they are really good or just wannabes.
  • Wannabes do not deserve mercy. Eliminate them from your life, better today than tomorrow.
  • And never be a wannabe yourself.

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