Automated & Robotic Patent Drafting: Start Reading Here If You Want To Know More

It is now almost exactly five (5) years since I filed my first patent for Robotic Patent Drafting (RPD) and published a Youtube video on my method.

RPD has gone a long way and since 2023 it is the first time that you can make money by using it.

I have published an overview article about the available resources and what you can do to also use it.

This article is intended for you, if you want to:

  • triple your patent drafting speed
  • produce a good patent application draft in one single work day
  • regain the genuine joy of drafting patents
  • know which horse to ride – you must find out which one of the many patent drafting robots is usable for you (and there is a new one every month)
  • become the hero in patent drafting
  • do 4 times more drafting work in the same time frame
  • reduce delivery time from 2 months to 2 weeks or even to only 2 days
  • do work with zero mistakes, zero typos, and zero formal mistakes
  • avoid drafting without antecedent basis or using 2 or more terms for the same element in the same draft
  • avoid reference numeral mistakes
  • no more mindless repetitive monotonous work

With all these, robot patent drafting can help you right away.

As you can see, a wealth of information is available. The decision to begin now rests with you.

Start now.

Continue reading here.