Understanding Europe And Its Intellectual Property Landscape: A Basic Guide

Europe’s identity is complex and multifaceted. This complexity is evident when discussing countries like Türkiye (formerly “Turkey”) and Tunisia in relation to Europe. Geologically, Türkiye is part of Europe and has a rich history intertwined with the continent. The Ottoman Empire extended deep into the European peninsula, until 100 years ago, and it shaped European history. She was the enemy of some powers in Europe and an ally of others. Türkiye is a member of the European Council. Despite all that, opinions vary on whether or not Türkiye is ‘European.’ Tunisia, on the other hand, is also geographically close to Europe and with historical ties, especially with France and Italy, but it is distinctly African, and not considered part of Europe. Countries like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Georgia are also located in Europe, but they are not members of most European organisations.

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