ChatGPT: An Affordable Solution Or A Genuine Alternative For AI-Assisted Patent Drafting?

Before I begin exploring ChatGPT, let me explain my background.

Sometimes I check if what I thought in the past still holds true. This weekend, I did just that. I rewatched a talk I gave in May 2018 about the future of the patent profession (click here). That was six years ago. I believe this talk is still relevant today. If you’re short on time, you can just watch the last 30 minutes. There’s a discussion there that brings up some important points. These points are even more relevant now.

I said something in that talk that surprises me now. It was right at the start of the talk:

“The talk today would be about artificial intelligence and robot lawyers in general, and how this would change our profession. And I believe that this matter is largely underestimated. I personally believe that in my situation, 80% of my work in five years from now would be done by an algorithm. If it’s not done by an algorithm, then it’s because I have chosen to do it myself. But it could be done by an algorithm.”

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