Home Office From Scratch. How To Build Your Work Place For A Professional Appearance On The Internet

I am starting a new article series here: My Home Office From A Different Perspective.

This is where I am coming from: there are two, or maybe three different ways to set up an office. It all depends on what values you put in front.

First, I have seen offices that have been set up for maximum comfort of the user, and most of the time this is all about getting out more and better work results in less time. Technician mindsets tend to that. And they are right.

Second, I have seen offices that have been set up for impressing visitors, and that means that they follow a certain style is strictly followed. Anything from classic mahogany or oak furniture to posh designer furniture works. Plus expensive accessories. Entrepreneur mindsets tend to that style. And they are also right.

Manager mindsets are probably somewhere in-between. If they are good managers then they will probably not care about their office because they care about their people more than about themselves. And they are right, too.

Where are you in this coordinate system? What value do you put in front when designing your own office?

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