How To Import Cosmetics Into Singapore

We often receive requests for registering a line of cosmetic products in Singapore.

Here is in a Nutshell what You Need to know

By law, it is required that there is a local company in Singapore that is responsible for placing the cosmetic product in the local market.

We are experts in registering cosmetic products with the local authorities in SE Asia. The pain point for you as a cosmetics manufacturer is that the law requires you to have a local company for holding your local cosmetics registrations if you are not doing it yourself. Setting up your own local company just for the purpose of holding cosmetics registrations does not make sense, because that requires a lot of effort.

If your local trade partner is holding the cosmetics registrations on your behalf, then you as a manufacturer are caught. You cannot easily move away from your local trade partner, and that can make future negotiations difficult.

We are a registered patent & trademark firm and if we hold the registrations on of you, the manufacturer, we not only make the you independent from your local trade partners but we also look after the renewals of the registrations, and we handle the legal aspects with the authorities if there is any consumer complaint.

We do this already for some cosmetics manufacturers, and we would like to onboard you.

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