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Marketing Executive (Full-Time/100% Remote Work)

Schweiger & Partners is looking for a Marketing Executive.

This is what we are aiming at: we are putting together a team of self-starter people that think alike. We have already a number of such people but key positions still need to be filled. Is being part of such a motivated team a goal that is worth pursuing for you? If yes, then continue reading.

The marketing executive is an important support role in our firm. 
Ideally, you do not know how to fill out all marketing functions. But you should be an agile technologist at heart, ready to develop yourself, and always stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends, both digital and otherwise, with an eye on how your work impacts our overall business. 
You can apply if you are passionate about marketing: you are always interested in finding out how other companies do their marketing and you enjoy running your own marketing campaigns. You think about marketing after you wake up and before you fall asleep.  
You are both creative and analytical. You get what makes people tick. You enjoy being a disruptor by promoting our unique products and services.  
You are eager to handle all sides of your role, be it digital, commercial, or administrative. You love to read, write and are interested to perfect yourself through learning. You are computer-savvy and that is why you love to dig into those analytics and find creative ways to improve the performance of campaigns. 
That is what makes the difference between a boring character and our marketing people: they want to become the best legal marketing experts in the world. And you can become one of them.

Who are we looking for

We are looking for an enthusiastic, result-driven and versatile marketing executive.

You love marketing. You enjoy running marketing campaigns to promote our products and services. You are both creative and analytical. You can handle digital, commercial, and administrative tasks. You love to read, write, and are interested to develop yourself through learning.

Job Description

Primary function:  You will do a lot of hands-on work in the actual area of marketing, most of it digital but also with print work.

Support: You can tap into our existing virtual support team for various tasks, such as for transcribing talks and podcasts, for website maintenance, for copywriting, or for programming our email campaign system. 

Reporting: You will report directly to our Marketing Manager. You will also be working closely with different product owners.

Other functions: You will support other teams in our firm, among others the procurement team and the operations team.

Core Tasks/Responsibilities:

  • Create and execute Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Manage Marketing Calendars
  • Interact with event organizers
  • Co-ordinate with Marketing Manager on various marketing activities
  • Multiply articles across different social media platforms
  • Prepare KPI reports
  • Build and manage Contact Databases
  • Regularly update our CRM with contact information and opportunity details
  • Manage freelancers
  • Vetting and ensuring the quality of work produced by freelancers
  • Copy-write for personal emails, messages, and event descriptions and captions
  • Support the client-facing members in their PR and networking

Here is an extract of concrete tasks for you to familiarise with your role and responsibility:

  • Set-up and Run Google Ads campaigns
  • Run campaigns on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram 
  • Plan and run multiple email campaigns 
  • Clean-up the contacts in CRM
  • Update Statistics from each campaign


  • A must is that you have your own website that shows that you are able to adequately promote yourself. We will discuss your website in depth.
  • A must to have your own reliable desktop/laptop with sufficient processing power and memory to handle your work tasks. Our IT team will verify your hardware specifications to be able to support CloudPC and other softwares.
  • Diploma or Bachelors degree with an aspect in Marketing, or an equivalent job experience
  • Experience in Digital Marketing. You will be doing a lot of Direct Response Marketing/Direct Marketing, which is closely linked to sales. If you do not have experience, we will show you.
  • Experience in running advertisements in Google Ads & Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, etc. 
  • Excellent command of English and proven record of copywriting experience. You are able to express your thoughts confidently.
  • Experience with the following software: MailChimp, WordPress, Microsoft365 (Teams, Word, Excel, Sharepoint), ERP (Netsuite), Electronic Files (ELO), Project Management (Asana). If not, you should be willing to learn.
  • Experience with working in an Agile Management environment will be a plus.
  • You are a self-starter who can handle changing requirements and work under tight timelines.

Here is our Slingshot for initiating your Job Application with us

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