Patent Litigation in Taiwan: 2nd-hand update (11/2015)

Martin Schweiger has published a post on LinkedIn:

“Now on my way to Okinawa for attending the APAA 2015. Stop-over in Taiwan, only 4 hours from Singapore.

Met a good old friend for lunch in Taipei. He does about 2 – 3 patent litigations per year in Taiwan.

His opinion in short (in no way backed up by real data, just given from his gut feeling):
– Taiwanese patent judges are very smart and swift: they read all and everything that is submitted by parties within 2-3 weeks,
– decision in the first instance rendered soon, average 1-2 years after initiating court procedures,
– written decision contains plenty of grounds and reasoning. You make like or dislike the reasoning, but there are written reasons,
– costs are resonable.

– judges seem to be …”

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