No, We shall Not pursue Users of File-Sharing Networks on a Contingency Fee basis in Singapore.

Martin Schweiger has published an article on LinkedIn.

“Since a short time back, there are cases known in Singapore where Copyright owners successfully pursue individuals who download their movies over peer-to-peer file-sharing networks, see here
nd here

The technical background is the following. Different from a simple download such as from Youtube, each file-sharing network user contributes to an exponential broadcast of the respective information, often movies and gaming software.

Commercial companies have developed software which links itself into a file-sharing network, reading and recording each and every data movement and the respective IP adresses behind the upload and download data streams.

This gives us IP lawyers a powerful lever. All what is needed is the name and the address of the users of the respective IP addresses at the recorded time. This information is available from the respective Internet provider, which is usually one of the local telephone providers.”

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