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AI-Assisted Patent Drafting

A certification course for lawyers & attorneys seeking to help clients with patent drafting work.

What Is AI-Assisted Patent Drafting (AaPD) Training?

The AaPD Training is a service that harnesses the power of automation and technology, specifically Robotic Patent Drafting (RPD) tools, to support you throughout your patent drafting journey. The main objective of the program is to provide automated assistance and guidance, a notion effectively conveyed by its name.

Similar to a flight simulator training for professional pilots, we guide patent attorneys through the automated patent drafting process. The AaPD Training combines expert training with state-of-the-art patent drafting robots to expedite the patent drafting workflow, empowering lawyers, patent attorneys, and patent engineers with RPD tools. 

At our core, we understand the challenges when it comes to drafting patents efficiently and effectively. With the ever-increasing demand for patent applications, it is crucial to streamline the drafting process without compromising on quality. 

This training offers numerous benefits to you by enhancing efficiency and accuracy through automation. By leveraging RPD tools, you gain access to valuable resources that facilitate and improve your drafting experience. The program’s strong emphasis on automation ensures comprehensive support, from initial data extraction to fine-tuning the final output.

The name of the training accurately represents its dedication to utilizing technology to streamline the patent drafting process for you. By focusing on automation and providing ongoing guidance, this program becomes an invaluable resource for those seeking assistance and support to elevate your patent drafting efficiency.

In conclusion, the AaPD Training is a well-executed service that effectively utilizes automation and RPD tools to aid you in your patent drafting journey. With its objective of providing automated support and guidance, this program demonstrates a commitment to simplifying and optimizing the patent drafting process, making it an indispensable asset for you.

Why should you take the AaPD Training?

Given my expertise with patent-writing robots, I can help you bypass the typical learning process by guiding you through the automated patent writing procedure. Why choose a difficult learning process when you could achieve results by tomorrow? I assure you a saving of at least 50% of your time and you will enjoy the process more and achieve a higher quality, in comparison with manually drafting patents.

During our training, lawyers, patent attorneys, and patent engineers will come to understand the details of state-of-the-art patent drafting software, and become skilled in its features and functionalities. Our knowledgeable instructors will lead you through the drafting process, sharing the best methods, advice, and strategies to increase your efficiency and reduce mistakes.

You will receive one-on-one training with either me or a member of my team. We can utilize a patent disclosure that you need to work on as part of your daily responsibilities, allowing you to accomplish three things with a single action: A) your patent gets written, B) you learn how to operate the patent drafting robot, and C) you save time because the robot performs the majority of the work for you.

We guide you through the drafting of a full patent application until you are content with the result. The risk is entirely on us: if you are not ultimately satisfied with the outcome, you receive your money back.

Discover the efficiency and effectiveness of our AaPD Training and elevate your patent drafting abilities. Join us today and transform your patent drafting process with our expert training and innovative software.

The Radical Robot Patent Drafting Workshop

If you are unsure if you are ready for the Assisted Robot Patent Drafting, then I highly recommend that you attend our workshop.

We have conducted multiple editions of the Robot Patent Drafting series and our attendees have given positive feedback on it. 

The ultimate goal of the workshop is to guide you to draft patent application using one of the patent drafting robots that is available there for you. Live demonstration by manufacturers will be provided to guide you through the drafting process, showing you how to use a patent drafting robot starting from an invention disclosure. 

Learn more about our upcoming and past workshops here:

If, after attending the workshop, you decide to take advantage of our AaPD Training, we will offset the EUR 399 you paid for the workshop seat. 

The Process

You Provide

  • The invention disclosure you wish to convert into a draft patent application
  • A sample patent application that reflects your requirements as to what you expect to see in the patent application.
  • Your internal patent application quality checklist, if available

We Deliver

  • One-on-one time with a Patent Drafting Robot (PDR) coach from our team
  • A patent application draft that is ready for filing
  • An RPD quality certificate that includes a binding statement with respect to data security and data protection

If you are still not satisfied with the result, then I spend as much time as it is necessary until you have your perfect patent application.

And we give you a 100% money-back guarantee if everything still does not work for you. 

You will receive an official training certificate, issued by “IP Lawyer Tools”, that can be used for documenting the successful completion of the session.

Important: we currently support only non-US style drafting

There are currently no patent drafting robots that support both US style and non-US style at the same time. It is “non-US style” because US law is so much different from the law in the rest of the world. For the differences between US style and non-US style, please check out the recent UPC talks that are listed on our blog. These differences have an important impact on the different drafting styles and that should also be reflected in the patent drafting software. 

Start your upskilling journey with us.

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    A Letter From Me

    Martin Schweiger

    Patent Attorney
    Schweiger & Partners

    Good day, this is Martin Schweiger, a patent attorney in Singapore, and I would like to share my ‘Why’ about this “Assisted Patent Drafting” Certification.

    Firstly, this service is applicable for law firms and practising attorneys who work with clients for their patents. I see it as similar to a flight simulator training for professional pilots, which is why I would like to share this with you.

    The key question my team asked ourselves in this process is: why should anyone spend 3 to 6 months of additional time for learning how to use a patent drafting robot, when you can get it done within one working day?

    This course is an individual 1-to-1 training with me or with one of my team members. The outcome: we walk you through drafting one complete patent application until you are satisfied with the result.


    Martin Schweiger

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