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What Is This?

We have a service that helps companies innovate better by guiding them through the jungle that is the four areas of innovation: R&D, Freedom-to-Operate, Intellectual Property, and market response testing.

The service is a recurring audit process that ensures that no step is missed and nothing is forgotten. At the same time, we ensure that companies do not lose their innovative momentum.

Get a dynamic solution for managing and monitoring innovation progress. By creating and tracking customized learning plans, we enable effective communication between innovators and executive investors. Through our intuitive dashboards, we seamlessly connect the language of innovation with other data.

You can easily align your innovation initiatives with the strategic goals of your organization.  Our dashboards provide real-time updates on metrics, allowing you to showcase the tangible impact of your innovation efforts.

Navigate using Innovation Navigator

Innovation Navigator helps guide companies through the complex and challenging landscape of innovation, much like a navigator helps a ship safely navigate through uncharted waters. The recurring audit process also ensures that companies stay on track and don’t lose momentum, further emphasizing the idea of a navigator.

Research & Development

It’s important to create products that customers want and are willing to pay for, rather than guessing. Positive feedback from the market not only confirms that your product is great, but it also increases your chances of getting funding for future development. Get the best results by involving marketers and lawyers from the beginning and using effective R&D methodologies like Scrum, Design Thinking, and TRIZ.


Acquiring IP alone is not enough. FTO analysis is key for spotting potential infringement, giving investors peace of mind, and addressing unexpected obstacles early. It is a vital part of a comprehensive innovation strategy. If it fails, all your other efforts in R&D, IP protection, and market validation could go to waste. So tackle FTO analysis head-on, do it multiple times in different product phases.

Intellectual Property

As entrepreneurs, it’s important for you to understand how patents protect your innovative ideas and attract investors. Patents act like a shield, safeguarding your unique creations from being copied and keeping you ahead of the competition. Avoid common mistakes such as filing narrow patents, missing out on potential uses of your inventions, and delaying filings for future ideas.

Market Response Testing

Test market response early and at every phase to improve your product based on customer feedback. Successful market response means actual pre-sales interest and revenue. Include marketing professionals in your core team from the start, and plan for marketing costs early. Connect marketing to sales, prioritize high-value outcomes, and ensure there are channels for customer response.

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