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What Is This?

We have a service that helps companies innovate better by guiding them through the jungle that is the four areas of innovation: R&D, Freedom-to-Operate, Intellectual Property, and market response testing.

The service is a recurring audit process that ensures that no step is missed and nothing is forgotten. At the same time, we ensure that companies do not lose their innovative momentum.

Get a dynamic solution for managing and monitoring innovation progress. By creating and tracking customized learning plans, we enable effective communication between innovators and executive investors. Through our intuitive dashboards, we seamlessly connect the language of innovation with other data.

You can easily align your innovation initiatives with the strategic goals of your organization.  Our dashboards provide real-time updates on metrics, allowing you to showcase the tangible impact of your innovation efforts.

Navigate using Innovation Navigator

Innovation Navigator helps guide companies through the complex and challenging landscape of innovation, much like a navigator helps a ship safely navigate through uncharted waters. The recurring audit process also ensures that companies stay on track and don’t lose momentum, further emphasizing the idea of a navigator.

Research & Development

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Intellectual Property

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Market Response Testing

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