“A deep understanding of IP enforcement on an international basis.”

Shortly after we were notified by our client Megastar that the Singapore customs made a border seizure of counterfeit goods in one the containers that our client was shipping, Martin presented me a court order for detaining the seized counterfeit goods and suggested to amically negotiate a settlement between our clients. I was quite surprised how swift these negotiations with Martin’s client came to a conclusion, while the negotiations with the other plaintiffs went nowhere. Myself being a shipping lawyer with a 30 years trial experience, I have then asked Martin to come on board as an expert witness for our client. Which he did. Martin – based on his 23+ years of experience in the area of Intellectual Property enforcement – has supported my firm Asia Ascent in the ongoing trademark infringement court case in Singapore, through first and second instance, with valuable information and practical advice about international IP enforcement practice. And we have won our court case.