“IP strategy that leads to robust and cost effective patent filings across several geographies”

As a co-founder of a technology startup I had a rare opportunity to participate in a hearing with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS). At the time, we had received three office actions, in which the examiner rejected our patent application because of a perceived lack of inventive step. We had replied with extensive substantive arguments, to which the examiner replied with new clarity objections, still rejecting our patent application. After careful preparation by Martin and his team – we attended the hearing at IPOS together with him and his senior patent engineer Tan Chong Teck. Martin was extremely focused on clarifying the outstanding questions from examiner which allowed us to answer these with the support of documentation available. Martin clearly explained the situation to the Examiner, citing fact and reasoning. It was a rare moment for me to see Martin use the full width of his professional expertise to secure the patent for us.