We have been Nominated as Supporting Partner for the TechInnovation 2020 Convention & We are also Exhibiting there

We have been nominated as a “supporting partner” for the 2020 TECHINNOVATION convention, organized by the government of Singapore.

This event is meant to be a technology-industry brokerage event. There were 25 companies from Singapore and 32 companies from overseas countries such as Korea, US, Finland, Sweden, UK, and others. And there were 15 universities and academic institutes, as well as 7 government bodies, all mostly from Singapore.

The event was meant to bring together international and Singapore technology providers and seekers, in order to explore technology and business collaboration opportunities.

You can see our “Schweiger & Partners” logo on the sponsor page: https://www.techinnovation.com.sg/#sponsor

And that is not all, we are also exhibiting our latest innovation, the “Patent Drafting Automation Tool” here: https://www.techinnovation.com.sg/technologies/detail/T10247