“You want to have Martin in your own team, and not as an adversary.”

Martin and I worked together in a large international patent litigation team, representing a Japanese defendant against a German plaintiff before the High Court in Singapore. Martin turned out to be a very versatile team player for patent matters. Not only did he play a material role with the patent (non-)infringement and patent invalidity of the Singapore patent proceedings, he also attacked the sister EP patent with 3rd-party observations in already ongoing opposition proceedings. The sister EP paten was eventually revoked, and this had thereby also put the plaintif´s SG patent in suit in question. Martin supported the litigation team tremendously in navigating our expert witness meetings. And it was Martin who helped highlight and tenaciously persevered a late amendment issue of the patent in suit, which ultimately tipped the balance towards the defendant. In patent litigation matters, you want to have Martin in your own team, and not as an adversary.